Belle + Quotes.

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Sarah + impersonating her genetic identicals

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Tv challenge: [2/5] OTPS → Dean&Castiel

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Two 8Track playlists for Clipped and Unbound, one from Dean’s side of things and the other from Castiel’s. Enjoy ♥

Dean [listen here]

  • Anna Nalick — Scars
  • Seether — Broken
  • George Bizet — The Toreadors
  • Creed — Lullaby
  • Life House — Hanging By A Moment
  • OneRepublic — I Lived
  • Poets of the Fall — Stay
  • Sugarcult — Do It Alone

Castiel [listen here] (this mix is significantly more depressing to start, so listen with care)

  • Seether — Tongue
  • Atreyu — The Theft
  • Florence + the Machine — Shake It Out
  • Pearl Jam — Unthought Known
  • The Beatles — Blackbird
  • Seether — Take Me Away
  • Poets of the Fall — Someone Special
  • OneRepublic — Something I Need
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Of course, the most troubling question is why do these people assume we’re gay?

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make me choosemcsteamy or mcdreamy? (asked by gendrrya)

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