MAGNETO;   t h e   M A S T E R   o f   M A G N E T I S M

Magnetism is one of the fundamental forces of nature. Where do you think sunlight comes from? Stellar fusion is born of the interaction between gravity and magnetism. Thank your various deities for the conflict in his soul. Within Erik Lehnsherr is the rational man who struggles constantly with the methods employed by Magneto to achieve what he believes are righteous goals. The child of the holocaust who fears becoming what he most hates. If those two elements ever reconcile, there could be no practical limit to what he might accomplish.  - Doc McCoy, Excalibur v3 #11

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"rire dans sa barbe
[reer dahn sah bahrb ]"

(noun) This French, untranslatable phrase is the most relatable occurrence in human nature. Has anybody ever caught you laughing by yourself? Most likely they have and thought you were a little strange! This word describes this exact moment, to laugh at oneself quietly while remembering or retelling a past event in your mind. If you ask us, it is quite satisfying to know there is a word for this most delightful instance. 

  • literally: to laugh in your beard. 
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Geometric watercolor-like tattoos by Russian based artist Sasha Unisex 

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THE MAGIC BEGINS - Favourite Wizarding Family: The Weasleys

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Jensen singing The Boys are Back in Town.

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Orphan Text 8/?

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one gifset per episode
 ↳ “
This is my lab. My body! I’m the science!

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